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“The Malachi Project,” blesses children through afterschool outreach program in McDonough, Georgia

NewsAtlanta"The Malachi Project," blesses children through afterschool outreach program in McDonough, Georgia

It started as a vision that gave birth, starting in a living room of a humble family’s home in 2014.

“The Malachi Project,” was formed as a ministry by Pastor of Passion Life Church and founder Terrell Scott and co-founder Brandy Scott in the living room of their home.

The mission of, “The Malachi Project,” is simple: to provide families, children and individuals, who are in need, education both in spiritual matters as well as in life skills and to see families stay together, grow to be self-sustaining, and contribute back to society, according to the website for, “The Malachi Project.”

The idea to form, “The Malachi Project,” originated from a vision that Terrell had to create the ministry after he spent time in prison while the Holy Spirit used him to minister to other inmates in prison during his sentence.

“There was a time when I made poor choices,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “I went from running drugs and a gang in the prison to leading people to Jesus. I was doing drugs and separated myself from drugs and friends. I truly repented.”

“I truly repented,” Terrell Tells Atlanta Christian voice.

Brandy came to Terrell while he was in prison and ministered to him of the Gospel and of the concept of forgiveness. Terrell became a follower of Jesus because of the impact that God was able to use Brandy to have on Terrell and on the future of the birthing of, “The Malachi Project,” as a ministry.

“(Brandy) shared a number of verses concerning my purpose, forgiveness and destiny,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “This is the heart of what God wants us to do.”

Terrell had many visions while in prison that prompted him, not by might nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit of God, to form the logo for, “The Malachi Project.” One vision that Terrell had, as the Holy Spirit fell upon him, was of two hands clasping.

The meaning of the two hands clasping is very personal in Terrell’s walk with the Lord and to the group of people, who God put to Terrell’s memory to minister to moving forward in the formation of, “The Malachi Project.”

“I had a number of visions, but of out of all of them was one of two hands clasping,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “God has reached us and pulled us out to the next generation.”

“I had a number of visions, but of out of all of them was one of two hands clasping,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “God has reached us and pulled us out to the next generation.”

The people group, who the Holy Spirit of God desired for Terrell and Brandy to minister to, were the children of the McDonough Housing Authority.

“The Lord really put the same city (McDonough) that I ran drugs in to form this ministry,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “I really wanted to step in and be intentional and to see change in my community.”

In the timing of God, the Lord outstretched His hands and blessed Terrell and Brandy with a divine connection and partnership with the Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU) in 2017.

Jim Koslowsky of CRU gave Terrell and Brandy an idea of what would give birth to as an afterschool program that would multiply not only reach the children, but the families of the McDonough Housing Authority, as Terrell and Brandy made another divine connection with servants of God from Bethany Baptist Church who would become volunteers to serve the children of, “The Malachi Project.”

“The Malachi Project,” officially became a ministry in 2018 after five years of growth and expansion with the children and families of the McDonough Housing Authority and the partnerships with CRU and Bethany Baptist Church.

Terrell and Brandy host a number of extra-curricular activities to the children in the afterschool program of, “The Malachi Project,” including Bible studies, playing games and reading devotionals.

The couple have seen lives transformed through, “The Malachi Project,” because of the outreach and service that the hands of God were able to use them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children. One testimony of a child comes to Terrell’s remembrance during this interview with Atlanta Christian Voice.

“Antonio wanted to get baptized,” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “He committed his life to the Lord and quit football so that the Lord could use him to serve at, “The Malachi Project.” His whole family decided to get baptized. We reach not just the kids, but the families.”

Antonio and his family’s testimony is still unfolding in the McDonough community. Another house is in the process of being built next to the McDonough Housing Authority and to Antonio’s house with the hope that it will become an outreach center to Antonio, his family and to children and their families in the McDonough community.

Terrell gives God all of the glory for this amazing transformation of Antonio and his family.

“God saved (Antonio’s dad),” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “God saved him and he is now running to the church. In six months, he has not touched alcohol since he got baptized.”

Terrell’s favorite part of serving with, “The Malachi Project,” is to share the love of God with the children and their families.

“My favorite part (of serving on, “The Malachi Project,”) is loving on the children, fathering, caring and being there for the children” Terrell tells Atlanta Christian Voice. “I have a lot of things I do for them, such as encouraging them and affirming to them of God’s love for them.”

To find out more about, “The Malachi Project,” and how you can get involved, visit https://www.theriverrefuge.org/.



Multitudes of children and a volunteer of, “The Malachi Project,” gather together for devotional time.
A group photo of children and volunteers of, “The Malachi Project,” showing gratitude due to a donation given by car insurance agency, “State Farm,” to support ministry.


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