In-country adoption program makes a difference in the lives of children through Bethany Christian Services

Photo attributed to Bethany Christian Services.

International adoptions cost $50,000 per year, according to vice president of Global Programs for Bethany Christian Services, Kristi Gleason.

Bethany Christian Services created the in-country adoption program in 2009 in order to cut the cost of international adoptions and reduce the amount of children going to live in orphanages in the following countries: Ethiopia, Liberia, Zambia, Haiti, Ghana and South Africa.

The main reason that Bethany Christian Services created the in-country adoption program was to reduce the amount of children going to live in orphanages in the least amount of time as possible. This is because orphanages do not always lead to a permanent family, while a child living with a foster family would lead to a permanent family, according to Gleason.

“Foster care is a pathway to permanency,” Gleason told Atlanta Christian Voice. “The end goal is always permanency. We want every child to have a family. The goal is to get the child out of the orphanage.”

“We want every child to have a family,” Gleason told Atlanta Christian Voice. “The goal is to get the child out of the orphanage.”

The vision of Bethany Christian Services is simple: for every child to have a loving family.

Gleason explains that when a child is placed in an orphanage, the structure of his or her brain changes in a way that is not healthy for the child because it does not reinforce secure attachment for the child with his or her caregiver. This is because the living situation of the child is not permanent.

“When babies are born, they develop a day to day trust to the parent,” Gleason said. “The mom or dad reinforces trust for the baby. If you don’t have that type of trust day after day, that changes the trust cycle and how they see the world. The structure of their brain is different.”

The cost to adopt a child from Bethany Christian Services’ in-country adoption program is $1000 and includes training and for a social worker to visit the home of the family to conduct a home study. This makes the process of adoption as well as the cost of the child easy for Bethany Christian Services so that they can place children with a family.

Gleason believes that families should consider the in-country adoption program from Bethany Christian Services because of the life-changing services that the program as well as the low cost to adopt.

“Family is a life-changing option for a child,” Gleason told Atlanta Christian Voice. “I certainly would ask families to consider [adoption] and I would certainly say there is nothing more important than that.”

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Photo contributed by Bethany Christian Services.
Photo credited to Bethany Christian Services.




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