HIS Union to Unify Body of Christ in Unity Tour

A Fun Picture of, "The Unity Tour.'

HIS Union, a band of Godly singers and vocal talents, presents the Unity Tour at Overflow Church Tyrone from Oct. 4th at 7:00 pm-Oct.5th, 2019 at 6:30 pm.  

HIS Union will feature the following twelve vocalists at the Unity Tour: Joshua Cruz, Aservant, VIP, Muzikmixer, Jayden Prince, Arin Conway, Laura Renae, Freddrick Halleluyah, Drestar, Nic Beatz, James Buras and Cynthia Prince. 

HIS Union gave birth as a ministry in the music industry in 2012. The main reasons that the ministry formed was because of the division that CEO and founder of HIS Union, Shymon Spencer (aka. Muzikmixer), noticed in the music industry and that singers and bands wanted do things themselves rather than give God the glory in their music. 

“A lot of artists do not want to be in the same room unless a microphone is involved,” Spencer told Atlanta Christian Voice. “I’ve been on several tours and it was different because everyone had their own agenda. It was really for self-promotion.” 

The Unity Tour is normally divided into the three days in the following components: Fridays for outreach, Saturdays for the concert day and Sundays for attending church in order to make this occasion eventful and fruitful. Due to the high demand for artists that will be featured in this year’s Unity Tour in Georgia, this event will be divided into the two days mentioned above, Oct. 4th-Oct. 5th, 2019. 

The mission of the Unity Tour is simple: Advocating unity within the body of Christ one city at a time.  

The mission of the Unity Tour is simple: Advocating unity within the body of Christ one city at a time.  

The Unity Tour will be featured in the following cities, states and countries: Atlanta, GA., San Antonio, TX., Dallas, TX., Houston, TX., Austin, TX., Indianapolis, IN., Cleveland, OH., New Orleans, .LA,  Columbia, SC., Orlando, FL., Jacksonville, FL., Miami, FL., Boston, MA., St. Louis, MO., Buffalo, NY., Phoenix, AZ., South California, the Bahamas and other renowned places.  

The main target for HIS Union is to minister Jesus Christ through their music is the music artist. The target audience for the songs written is the younger generation, ages 13 through 35 years old. 

The main reason that God put a desire in the hearts of the band members of HIS Union to witness the works of Jesus Christ to the music artist first is to give God the Father the glory through song. 

“If we are to minister to the artist, then the congregation will be ministered to in the long-run,” Spencer told Atlanta Christian Voice. “The goal for me is to win souls to Christ in the end. The goal is to get artists united in order to make sure that our goals are met.” 

“The goal for me is to win souls to Christ in the end,” Spencer told Atlanta Christian Voice. “The goal is to get artists united in order to make sure that our goals are met.” 

One song that Spencer is excited to perform in the Unity Tour is, “Dear God,” from the new album, “Unopened Letters.” 

“I’m very transparent or relative so that [my target audience] can see what I am going through,” Spencer told Atlanta Christian Voice. “[Dear God] is a one-on-one conversation with God. The inspiration came from when I was in a dark place. I got a pretty good response from it and this song is very raw. The song is a reminder that God has a great path for me and my life.” 

The songs that will be performed in the Unity Tour is about how Spencer overcame life’s struggles through the power of God. 

“A lot of the songs are about how I overcame something and [HIS Union’s target audience] can listen and see how they can overcome their situation,”  Spencer told Atlanta Christian Voice.

To participate or promote HIS Union and the Unity Tour, research the hashtag, “#UnityTour.”      

HIS Union featuring, “The Unity Tour,” promotion poster.
Muzikmixer (aka. Shymon Spencer). singing at, “The Unity Tour.”
HIS Union Band Member singing at, “The Unity Tour.”







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