Honduras Moves to Ban Abortion Permanently

    Lawmakers in Honduras are set to ban abortion permanently in the country and make it virtually impossible to legalize it in the future.

    Palestine to Limit Christmas Celebrations Due to Covid-19

    The Palestinian Health Ministry has advised reducing Christmas festivities in Bethlehem to safeguard the health of the public.

    Christians Should Reject Covid-19 Conspiracies, Say German Evangelicals

    Evangelical Christians in Germany called on believers to avoid conspiracy theories about Covid-19 which start misinformation and distrust among people.

    Christians in UK Find the Bible as a Vital Tool During Pandemic

    A recent study reveals that the Bible serves as an important tool for Christians in the UK in coping up with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Bible Stories Reenacted with Playmobil

    A German author launched a YouTube series which reenacts stories from the Bible with Playmobil figures.

    Clergy Calls for UK Second Lockdown to be a Month of Prayer

    A church leader in the UK has urged the Church of England to observe a month of prayer as England starts its second national lockdown.

    French Christians Call for Peace Amid Terror Attacks

    Church leaders in France call for peace as the country mourns for three people who were killed at a Catholic cathedral in Nice, France on October 29.

    English Audio Bible Project Will Be Epic

    A production of an audio Bible in English is expected to be done in epic proportions.

    Andrea Bocelli Unveils New Album ‘Believe’

    World renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli announced that he will release a new album based on faith, hope and love.

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