Christian Ministries Send Help to Louisiana

    Christian ministries have been sending help to Louisiana after Hurricane Ida hit the south and destroyed several cities and states.

    A Prayer of Remembrance and Honor for Families and Loved Ones of September 11, 2001

    Dear God,   I pray that Your hand of blessing will be upon America today. I pray that You will bless America today as she remembers...

    Florida Faith Leaders Boost Vaccine Confidence Thru Campaign

    Florida faith leaders will launch a new campaign to boost confidence on the Covid 19-vaccine.

    Gen Z Shows Openness to Scripture—ABS Survey

    According to a new report by the American Bible Society (ABS), the Gen Z population in the U.S. shows significant openness to Scripture.

    Open Doors USA Calls for Swift Confirmation of Biden’s Religious Freedom Nominee

    Open Doors USA calls for a swift confirmation of Indian-American Rashad Hussain, President Joe Biden\'s nominee as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

    4 African American Churches Win Preservation Grant

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation pledged on July 15 more than $3M in grant to help save 40 African American landmarks in the U.S., including four historic Black churches.

    College Christians Want to Deepen Their Faith on Campus

    Christian college students are looking for help within the community to enhance Bible engagement and improve their prayer life.

    Nick Vujicic Co-Founds a Pro-life Bank

    Evangelist Nick Vujicic announced that he co-founded a bank that would give its profits to Christian non-profit organizations.

    A Gift Called Freedom From the Lord

    Today is the day. Today is the day to celebrate freedom!  We are free. We are free not because we can go out into a...

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