A Prayer for the Schools in America

    Dear God,    I thank You for education. I thank You for schools. I do not take education nor do I take schools and schooling for...

    Light Like a Candle

    This month of May 2021 is Mental Health Awareness Month in all parts of the world.   This month excites me because it brings awareness to mental illnesses,...

    Homeschooling for the Non-homeschool Family

    It’s definitely business as usual within our home. We homeschool, which means I have all the sharpened pencils, paper, and saved curriculum just waiting...

    The Problem with Cheating

    Cheating hit the news cycle again, thanks to the Houston Astros, who stole opposing pitcher’s signs for two seasons.  Apparently, they mounted a camera...

    Ordained minister, Bible teacher and author writes book with profound and heartfelt message for the spiritual orphan

    The book was a written response to what was going on in the world and not a response of the world.   Spiritual Orphans, a book...

    FBC Marietta English School touches lives in special way

    It began the size of a mustard seed, grew in favor and stature and multiplied in a small town in Cobb County, Georgia. The English...

    Memoir Stars: High School Students Interview Senior Citizens

    Too often we don’t learn about our brothers and sisters in Christ until their funeral or memorial service.

    A Must-Follow Reading Plan for Every New Homeschool Parent

    Very often, the very first thing a new homeschool parent will do is look for a curriculum to purchase. What if I were to tell you that that’s one of the last things that should be done? The fact is, homeschooling is about so much more than that.

    Back to School: Make Studying A Lifestyle—Live to Learn!

    Why should our children be the only ones in the household gearing up for learning? As Christians, we should always strive for excellence.

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