Monthly Archives: March, 2022

    A Prayer for Godly Wisdom

    Dear God, I thank You for wisdom. Wisdom is a gift from You that You give to Your people so that they can learn more...

    A Prayer for Love for the World

    Dear God, I thank You for Your love. Your love covers a multitude of sins and covers the whole earth as well as Your grace....

    Church United Updates on Ukraine Relief

    Church United, a community of local pastors and ministry leaders in South Florida, initiated an opportunity to provide support to Ukraine.

    Survey: 84% Americans Revere Jesus

    The latest nationwide study on what Americans think about Jesus shows both promising and unfavorable information.

    A Prayer to Bless Pat Robertson’s 92nd Birthday

    Dear God, I thank You for Pat Robertson. Pat Robertson is an excellent minister and Bible teacher of Your Word who is very dedicated to...

    Christian Charities Unite for Ukraine

    Christian charities are working double-time to send aid to Ukraine. In South Florida, churches launched fundraising activities to help the European country.

    Ad Shows New Jesus to Skeptics

    An ad campaign aims to prove that all people can relate to Jesus since He himself experienced the problems we are facing today.

    A Prayer for My Book (Join Me)

    Dear God, I thank You for my first book, "A Victory Song: Beneath the Veil." I thank You for equipping me with the tools that...

    A Prayer for Peace for All

    Dear God, I thank You for peace. Your peace surpasses my understanding and it surpasses the understanding of those in the world, in the Name...

    A Prayer for Mask Mandates to End in America

    Dear God, I thank You that the mask mandates as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic have been lifted from airports. You are in control...

    A Prayer for Children with Special Needs

    Dear God, I thank You for children with special needs. Children with special needs are precious and special in Your sight just like all other...

    A Prayer for Dogs

    Dear God, I thank You for dogs and puppies. Dogs and puppies, like all of the other animals that You created, are special and near...


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