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    Christian Ministries Send Help to Louisiana

    Christian ministries have been sending help to Louisiana after Hurricane Ida hit the south and destroyed several cities and states.

    A Prayer of Remembrance and Honor for Families and Loved Ones of September 11, 2001

    Dear God,   I pray that Your hand of blessing will be upon America today. I pray that You will bless America today as she remembers...

    We Pray

    We pray. We are to pray every day.  The Lord commands us to pray before every meal. The Lord commands us to pray in the...

    Christians Invited to Observe Season of Creation

    Church leaders invited Christians around the world to observe the Season of Creation, a five-week period of prayer, acts and campaigns to be grateful for God's creation and renew the call to care for it.

    A Prayer for Life

    Dear God,    I thank You for life. I bless the lives of the babies who have not died due to abortion and I bless the...

    A Prayer For the Sunshine

    Dear God,    I thank You for the sunshine. I thank You for the sunshine because it keeps the animals warm and the people in the...

    A Prayer for Churches in Atlanta, Georgia (And Beyond Her Walls)

    Dear God,  I want to take a moment to pray for the churches in Atlanta, Georgia and in other parts of the country. I pray...


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