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    Pixar’s ‘Soul’ has multiple great messages about life

    The phrase “family-friendly” -- as every parent knows -- is subjective. The film your neighbor says is fine for the children might not be so family-friendly in your home.

    CDC and WHO Issue COVID-19 Considerations to Churches for Christmas

    As Christmas approaches, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued general considerations for religious communities to keep their staff and congregations safe from COVID-19.

    Church Shares the Gospel with Narnia Display

    Cornerstone Church in Nottingham transformed its auditorium into the magical world of Narnia.

    Religious Groups in Spain Condemn Euthanasia Bill

    Six religious groups in Spain gathered together to present a joint manifesto condemning the imminent approval of a euthanasia law early next year.

    Joint Final Rule on Equal Treatment for Faith-Based Orgs to be Enforced in January

    Nine federal agencies announced a joint final rule regarding equal treatment of faith-based organizations in different social service programs supported by the government.

    Actress Miya Horcher Leads With Love

    Lead with love. A sweet and simple phrase—but not so easy to live out—particularly in high school. Actress Miya Horcher would know. She plays the...

    France to Review Limits on Church Attendance

    France's State Council, the country's highest court, has ordered the government to review a law limiting the attendance at religious services to 30.

    Bible App Reveals Most Popular Bible Verse of 2020

    As the year comes to a close, YouVersion Bible App revealed the most popular Bible verse searched by its users.

    ‘Jingle Jangle’ is Netflix’s best family-friendly movie yet

    Remember the days of live-action family-friendly musicals -- when classics like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang dominated the...

    More People Received Christ During Pandemic —Franklin Graham

    While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep most people inside their homes, evangelist Franklin Graham revealed that the Gospel has reached more people this year.

    Senoia’s Santa Joe’s at It Again – COVID-Style

    It’s December, and that means Santa Joe McGee, the Real Deal Santa, is passionately striving to bring Christmas cheer to boys and girls while...

    UK Releases Guidelines for Christmas Church Services

    As the UK lifts its second lockdown on December 2, the government has released guidelines for the Christmas season about how to lessen the risk of Coronavirus infection.


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