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    World’s First Christian Airline to Launch Next Year

    The world's first-ever Christian airline, Judah 1, is set to launch next year. Based in Louisiana, Judah 1 hopes to get the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration to begin operations as a full-fledged airline.

    Palestine to Limit Christmas Celebrations Due to Covid-19

    The Palestinian Health Ministry has advised reducing Christmas festivities in Bethlehem to safeguard the health of the public.

    I Choose Thanksgiving

    Today is Thanksgiving. As you take the time to reflect on Thanksgiving today, what are some of the things that you are thankful to...

    5 Ways to Show God Our Thankfulness

    The young doctor emerged from the operating room and approached my dad and me with an unreadable expression. Our hearts pounded as he lowered...

    Jesus: Our Hope to Heal Broken Families

    According to the Child Welfare website, November 2020 is National Adoption Month.   National Adoption Month is an initiative that helps to promote and spread...

    Adopted By Jesus

    More than 75,000 children are in foster care, according to statistics from the National Adoption Day website.  November 21,2020 is National Adoption Day, a day...

    Christian Astronaut Goes to Space with His Bible

    Astronaut Victor Glover headed to space for a six-month mission at the International Space Station bringing with him his Bible and his faith.

    God Favors South College with First Doctor of Ministry Program

    God called and set apart South College, for such a time is this, to launch its first Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program on January...

    Christians Should Reject Covid-19 Conspiracies, Say German Evangelicals

    Evangelical Christians in Germany called on believers to avoid conspiracy theories about Covid-19 which start misinformation and distrust among people.

    Be Still and Know

    I was in the hospital watching the television when the results of the election were being counted.   As I watched the news make the headline...

    Hallmark-like ‘Farmer and the Belle’ leads family-friendly spotlight

    Her name is Belle, and she is one of the world's most popular models, having graced billboards, magazine covers and TV ads. Lately, though, her...

    International Healing Minister, Charles Carrin Turns 90

    Dapper is he, as he strolls into TooJay's on Palm Beach Island. He used to visit there regularly with his late wife, Laurie, for...


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