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    New Bible Translation Available in Sign Language in Australia

    The Bible Society Australia has launched new translations of the Bible in sign language, called Auslan. John's Gospel, a revised version of Acts and selections from Paul’s letters are now available in digital format for free.

    N.Korea Releases Propaganda Video, Calls Christians as “Spies”

    North Korea released a propaganda video telling its citizens that Christians are spies and are enemies of the state.

    Christians Fear Govt Systematically Closing Churches in Algeria

    Christian charities warned that the government of Algeria seems to have a campaign to systematically shut down churches and other Christian institutions in the country.

    Hong Kong Christians Fear Suppression of Religion w/ Extradition Bill

    Hong Kong Christians fear that the passage of the extradition bill would allow China to persecute believers living in the island territory.

    Ordained minister, Bible teacher and author writes book with profound and heartfelt message for the spiritual orphan

    The book was a written response to what was going on in the world and not a response of the world.   Spiritual Orphans, a book...

    Once King, Always King

    Scar, so evil, exploited and manipulated young Simba into believing he was responsible for a his own father’s death, telling him if it weren’t for Simba, “his father would still be alive!”

    Churches Convert Spaces For Freelancers

    More and more people are now working from home that faith organizations are opening their spaces to accommodate the needs of telecommuters.

    Interfaith March Set to Support Religious Freedom

    An interfaith march is set for September 22nd in Los Angeles and in at least 25 cities and 10 cities abroad.

    Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ leads September’s family-friendly lineup

    More than a few of my childhood nights were spent sitting in my bedroom, wondering why my father was watching a “boring” PBS documentary on the Civil War.

    Christianity in China Continues to Rise Despite Sinicization

    Christians in China continue to grow in number despite the government's crackdown on Christianity.

    Trump to Lift Federal Funding Ban on Faith-Based HBCUs

    President Donald Trump announced on September 10 that he plans to lift the ban on federal funding for faith-based historically black colleges and universities.

    Help! My Dog’s Itching is Driving Me Crazy

    One of the most common problems I see on a daily basis in my practice is itching dogs.  This is because an itching animal usually gets the owner’s attention.  Persistent chewing and scratching is not only frustrating to the owner, but miserable for the pet as well


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